I’ve never been to Cirque De Boudoir before – what should I expect?

Cirque de Boudoir is a kinky fantasy circus and dance party! CDB features sexy & artistic performances by local and international burlesque, circus, fire, and fetish performers on our main stage, plus side shows, visual projections, go-go dancers, custom décor and more! Our DJ’s are some of THE BEST Montreal has to offer. You can hear some sets of our main DJ’s here:

People from all different walks of life and all over the world come to CDB to socialize, play and dance! Mostly what you can expect is to have a fun time, partying with some of the hottest and most friendly people in Montreal!


I’m looking for an ORGY (or) I don’t go to ORGIES.

Cirque de Boudoir is NOT an orgy! Where the night leads AFTER the event is up to you!! THERE IS NO PUBLIC SEX ALLOWED AT OUR EVENTS. Yes, our parties are VERY SEXY but they are not SEX PARTIES!


Is Cirque De Boudoir a fetish party?

CDB parties are unique. We combine elements from fetish events with burlesque, circus and electronic dance music parties. If you are someone who has been to fetish parties, you will definitely find other fetishists attending and we usually have a monitored BDSM play area. We feature fetish performances and encourage fetish in our dress code. If you are new to fetish, CDB is a great place to discover what fetish is about in a safe, consensual environment that is not too hardcore or ‘scary’. If you just like dressing up and partying while being surrounded by sexy eye candy and meeting like-minded people, CDB is also the place for you, even if you don’t consider yourself into fetish.


How many people attend CDB events?

We generally have between 300 and 500 people in attendance, depending on the event and venue. Halloween and New Year’s Eve are usually our biggest events with between 500-700 people in attendance. CDB events keep growing each year but we are more interested in quality than quantity and we are careful to not go over capacity in order for everyone to have a safe and pleasurable experience.


I’m trying to buy tickets online and I can’t.

1. Day of the event:
If it’s the day of the event, we close our online ticket sales at 5PM so that we can ensure we have the door lists for the event prepared in a timely fashion. If you are waiting until the day of the event to purchase tickets you are taking a serious gamble as we usually sell out in advance. If it’s past 5PM on the day of the event and you are looking for tickets – you will have to purchase your tickets at the door. We recommend arriving early (before 11 PM) if you plan on purchasing tickets at the door as we may be sold out.

2. Just can’t purchase online tickets at all:
If you are having trouble purchasing tickets through our online system – please contact us by email at tickets@cirquedeboudoir.com or call 514-398-0669 and let us know the issue and we will make sure you are able to get your tickets.


Is there anywhere I can purchase tickets in store?

YES! We try to make sure we have tickets available for our events in stores around Montreal. For the listings of stores, please check the event page. We do not always have tickets in stores for every event so an alternate option is for you to pick up your tickets at our Headquarters. If you would like to pick up your tickets, please email tickets@cirquedeboudoir.com to arrange a time and get the pick-up address.

For other questions regarding tickets, please see “Ticket Policy“.


Can I wear Jeans/t-shirt/this? Do I have to dress up?

NO – YOU CANNOT WEAR JEANS, T-SHIRTS, OR STREET CLOTHES!! Yes you must meet our minimum dress code requirement of ALL BLACK to gain entry to a Cirque De Boudoir event. Make yourself look nice – everyone will appreciate it! Please review our “Dress Code” for full details.

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