Bain Mathieu
2915 Ontario East
Montreal, QC


Dec.31.2017 : 21:00 // Bain Mathieu : 2915 Ontario East, Montreal, QC

Cirque De Boudoir is ringing in the New Year with it's sexiest edition of CARNAVALESQUE yet!

Happening in a former bath house built in 1835, le Bain Mathieu, a multifunctional venue and home to many amazing CDB events including the past several New Year's Eve parties.

This year we are bringing you the best of CDB with Circus, Burlesque & Fetish performances, plus sideshows, gogo dancers, awesome DJs in 2 rooms, play areas, VIP Open Bar option, fabulously sexy decor & more!

CARNAVALESQUE 2018 will be a celebration in the theme of the belle epoque of Parisian style exuberance marked by the opening of the Moulin Rouge, which epitomised the spirit of progress along with the culturally transgressive cabaret, with pleasure and beauty as the central principles. Welcoming people from all walks of life for a night of celebratory exuberance, a festive champagne evening where artistic self expression is encouraged.

With DJs: Kc Killjoy (Florida), Diskommander,DJ Davidé & more TBA

Performances by: The Lady Josephine, Natasha Nebula, Holy Scar, Nina Feather & more TBA

Plus: CDB Gogo Dancers, Visuals by Bunnyguts

Hosted by Plastik Patrik

What to wear: All forms of sexy attire combined with a mask are highly encouraged including the following options: Lingerie, Burlesque, Fetish (PVC, Latex, Leather, Lace, Fishnets etc), Petticoats, Garters, Top Hats, Tail Coats, Formal, Feathers, Boas etc. etc.

More info & details to come. Secure your tickets well in advance to benefit from our reduced pricing!


Cirque De Boudoir events have a strict dress code. We expect EVERYONE to dress up in their most creative, freaky, fetish, fantastic outfits. No jeans, no t-shirts, no sneakers, no casual clothing, no cheap/cheesy costumes. You don't have to spend a lot to have a creative look. This event focuses on costuming and as such everyone is expected to make an effort. NO EFFORT = NO ENTRY.

Check out our pinterest for dresscode inspiration!

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