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CDB VIII : TEMPLE OF KINK : 8th Anniversary

September.12.2014 : 21:00 // Apollon -

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in our 8th Anniversary event! We were so happy to share this special occasion with you!


Sound the trumpets! Cirque De Boudoir is getting ready to celebrate 8 years of kinky thematic events in Montreal with our most EPIC event yet: CDB VIII – Temple of Kink

This will be a Bacchanalia so debaucherous that Caligula himself would have blushed!

Happening on Friday September 12th at APOLLON [1450 Ste-Catherine East]: one of Montreal’s best clubs, formerly a post office (Station C), nicked named ‘The Temple’ for its decor inpired by the legendary Parthenon in Athens.

CDB VIII – TEMPLE OF KINK will feature amazingly sexy performances & entertainment, a great DJ lineup, super hot CDB gogo dancer boys & girls, awesome sound & lighting, thematic decor, and lots of kinky fun with a fully equipped dungeon!

★ PLASTIK PATRIK https://www.facebook.com/plastikpatrik
★ JONNY BONNYROCK https://www.facebook.com/jonnybonnyrock
★ MARY HELL https://soundcloud.com/mary-hell
★ DJ DAVIDÉ https://www.facebook.com/DJDavide

★ VINLAND Productions (Live Gladiator Battles!)
★ & a special presentation by Chez PRIAPE

Kinky Play Areas monitored by our expanded CDB team: Vid Vicious, Hellkitty, Alura & Dragon Orange

Check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration.

Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Ancient World, Bacchanalia, Bacchus, Caesar, Caligula, Dionysia, Hercules, Gladiators, Roman Soldiers, Spartacus, Spartans, Titans, Roman/Greek Citizens, Philosophers, Kinky Concubines, Kinky Slaves, Togas, Masks, Gods & Goddesses, Pagans, Fetish, Leather, Latex, PVC, Sandals, Armour, Harnesses, Floggers, Helmets, etc. etc.

MINIMUM DRESS CODE: All black formal with mask or all white formal with mask

NO jeans, casual street clothes, t-shirts etc.
Dress Code is Mandatory! NO EFFORT = NO ENTRY

Check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration.

Sponsored by:
XANDER STAR DESIGN https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/XanderStarDesign
PRIAPE: //www.priape.com/
ROSE GOUDRON: https://www.facebook.com/rosegoudroncorsets/
MAUVE: //www.mauvemontreal.com/

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