Le Belmont

Montreal, QC

Fetish Flashback

April.05.2014 : 21:00 // Le Belmont -

We would like to thank eveyone who made CDB’s FETISH FLASHBACK such a special event!

We hope you had a good time as we surely enjoyed bringing you this darker retro fetish theme!

Our doors have always been open to the fetish community and we want assure you we will continue to be a destination where you can get your kink on, whether we present a lighter or darker theme, CDB will always a welcoming place to get kinky 🙂

Special thanks goes to:
Andreanne Kebreau of Rose Goudron, SiS Void of Creation SIS, Natasha & Holy Scar of MODE ARTKITEK, Pat Pierce, Plastik Patrik, Frigid, Vid Vicious, Uko Candy, Caro Swan, The Richard, Bianca Beauchamp & Martin Perreault, Déesse Mai, Carl-André Girard, Marie-Pierre, our CDB Gogo dancers, all our CDB staff & helpers and the staff of Le Belmont, all the models who participated in the fashion shows, and everyone who attended!

We also would like to thank our sponsors: Creation Sis, Il Bolero, Mauve, Rose Goudron, Steelwerks, Xtreme Paraphilia, for their support


Cirque De Boudoir presents: ϟ FETISH FLASHBACK ϟ An Extreme Fetish Club Experience! Featuring Fetish performances, Body Mod performances, Fetish fashion show, Fetish GOGO dancers, Full BDSM dungeon and a STRICT FETISH DRESS CODE; this edition of CDB will be DARKER and more EXTREME than usual! For those of you who know and LOVE fetish clubbing, this night will be one not to miss! We’re taking you back in time with our homage to fetish clubbing in the 90’s to early 2000’s!

If you’ve never been to a fetish party before, please familiarize yourself with our code of conduct and dress code rules found on our official website.

Music by: PLASTIK PATRIK Dj FRiGiD DJ Davidé ✩

NO CAMERAS OR USE OF CAMERA PHONES PERMITTED. For this event we will have only 1 or 2 official photographers and no video cameras in the crowd.

Sponsored by:
Mauve Piercing & Tattoo
Steelwerksextreme.com Bespoke Chastity Jewelry
Xtreme Paraphilia
Rose Goudron
Il Bolero
Sis Void

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