4445 St-Laurent
Montreal, QC

Montreal, QC

Sans Pants

June.26.2010 : 21:00 // HOHM
4445 St-Laurent
Montreal, QC -

It's amazing how time flies...before you know it...it's time for another Cirque De Boudoir party! It's time to celebrate our 2010 summer edition, with a fun and sexy theme, intended on getting everyone to let loose and party hard!

Make sure you have your tickets/passes ready and make sure to take off your pants and get ready to DANCE!!! It's SANS PANTS time!!

Still not sure what to wear? C'mon...anything that is not pants!! Any underwear (the sexier/kinkier the better) any crotch accessory, any outfit that stops at the hips/waist. Wear a friggin' fig leaf! As long YOU feel sexy and/or feel like tearing shit up in your bare legs...go for it! If you are wearing pants when you arrive, you will be asked to check them at the coat/pant check in order to enter. Everyone, and we mean EVERYONE will be without pants...or ejected!

SANS PANTS has lots of party to offer...happening at HOHM [4445 St-Laurent] with a new and amazing sound system, 2 rooms, 5 DJs [Mary Hell, Davidé, Avrum Gold, Narciss, Jonnybonnyrock], our fabulous host Plastik Patrik, visuals by Bunnyguts, performances by Nebula X, Miss Betty Wilde and Legal Tender, GOGO dancers and more surprises...including an all night private after party in a photographer's loft not far from the main event. Get ready for a hot hot night!

We look forward to seeing your ass on the dance floor this Saturday night!

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