4119 St-Laurent
Montreal, QC

Montreal, QC


January.31.2009 : 21:00 // CODA
4119 St-Laurent
Montreal, QC -

Halloween may have come and gone for this year…but with Cirque De Boudoir…every event is like the best and kinkiest Halloween party you can wish for…and our next event will be our darkest, most macabre, twisted and perverse party yet…while remaining in true CDB spirit…a crazy electronic dance event…with sick performances, wicked visuals and disturbing art on display. All of it happening in an awesome venue with a great sound system and devilishly seductive DJs that will make you dance and play, or die!

NECROMANTIK is CDB’s anti-valentine’s party, with aesthetics inspired by Mexican Day of the Dead rituals and campy horror movies. This will be a night where we come together to celebrate life and romance the dead.

DJs: Frigid, Mary Hell, Davidé, Arketype


MC: Plastik Patrik

Performances by: Bunnyguts, Bella Rush, Bullet Proof Boobs, Dead Doll Dancers, Eva Sin, The Sinner Sisters and others…

Art on display by: Stuart Rae, Daeve Fellows (Toronto), Eville, Angus! and others…

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