Academy Dancehall
4445 St-Laurent
Montreal, QC

Montreal, QC


January.26.2008 : 21:00 // Academy Dancehall
4445 St-Laurent
Montreal, QC -

If you haven’t guessed by now, our next theme is FURRY inspired! Yes, you’ve probably heard about those furry conventions where people dress up as cartoon characters or mascots and you may have heard of the term yiffing? Well we are taking all that to a new level of purrversion for our next party.

An event where the animal within is encouraged to come out and play and indulge our basic instincts. There will be lots of heavy petting at this zoo!

We really want to see all of you dressed (or undressed ;) as your favorite animal, cartoon animal, or as a sexy anthropomorphic version of yourself. There is a wide range of possibilities with this theme including full or partial mascot costumes, masks, animal ears, tails, paws, body paint, face paint, recycled or faux-fur coats, hats and accessories, furry/fluffy lingerie, feather/fur fans or boas, furry/feather pasties, plush animal toys, combination or fur and fetish wear, latex, leather, PVC, animal prints and animal print accessories or if you are really lazy, all black. We’re also accepting anime and cosplay inspired outfits.

If you have never been to Academy, it is a nice private club with very friendly staff that hosts about 300+ people. Can you imagine over 300 people dancing and yiffing to some the best raw electro music dressed in a variety of furry costumes and animal inspired outfits? Well come Saturday the 26th of January and you won’t have to imagine it because you’ll be living it! If you are familiar with Academy, come see how CDB in collaboration with Un Zoo La Nuit will transform the space and be part of the most debaucherous night in Academy history.

With furry performances, the CDB furry Go-Go dancers, a furry costume contest animated by Plastik Patrik, your hostess Empress Bunnyguts and with DJs Mary Hell, Romeo Kardec + Davidé providing the purrfect beat to move your furry feet; it will be a night like no other!!

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